UNDÆ! Electroacoustic Music I

Undae! Electroacoustic Music I and II is a selection of the call for works 2014-2016 for the Undae Radio program on Radio Circulo. In these albums you can appreciate the work of different composers from different parts of the world and their way of working and adjacent electroacoustic music in the early years of the century. The first volume includes works by Maxime Barthélemy, Jason Bolte, Thomas V. Christie, Alberto Quintana Tauler, ElectroCaustic Trio, Kosmas Giannoutakis, Kaoshipnótico, Kristof Lauwers, Felipe Otondo, Juan José Raposo, Sol Rezza, Shaun Robert and Julian Scordato.


The source material for this piece are several field recordings i made over the years that i didn’t find good enough to present as field recording on their own, but which still did contained a lot of interesting sonic material. I started off with the idea of making a collage with the most appealing sounds from the field recordings, but ended up processing them quite heavily, so not much of the original sounds can be recognized in the end. Still the natural origin of the sources is reflected in an organic feel to the sounds, and their overall shapes determine the structure of the piece.

Save the Logos Foundation!

A commission has advised the Flemish Government to stop all funding for the Logos Foundation, an artist run centre for experimental music and sound art based in Ghent, Belgium.


Please sign this petition and urge the Flemish Government to keep funding the Logos Foundation.

Logos has been promoting experimental music and sound art since 1968. Cutting edge new instruments, installations and interfaces are being developed in the Logos workshop. The in-house robot orchestra is one of the largest and most sophisticated in the world.
Logos houses a treasure of know-how in the field of robotics, expression control and new sound generators. This knowledge has been implemented in creations by artists such as Kristof Lauwers, Laura Maes, Moniek Darge and Godfried-Willem Raes and international artists such as Troy Rogers, Warren Burt, Clarence Barlow and Steven Kemper.
Logos also provides support to other artists and offers local and international artists space to work and to perform. Besides, Logos creates made-to-measure installations, instruments and interfaces. Recent examples are the PVC-installation for Musica and an automated snare drum for Aphex Twin.

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