Stereotaxie (2014)

Collaboration with Laura Maes.
An interactive installation for one person, in which the brain activity of the participant is converted into sound
waves in real time.
Premiered at the “Private Shelter” exhibition in Raversijde, Ostend (19 October – 16 November 2014)


Stereotaxie insallation by Laura Maes en Kristof Lauwers

WhirlWash (2003)

This is a performance that combines a sound installation, electroacoustic music and experimental video i created togethr with Laura Maes and Leen Gyselinck. It originated from our dissatifaction with the way electronic music usually is presented: played from tape or CD and live spatialised or played live on a laptop or electronics. For the public there’s no visible connection between the acts of the performer and the sound. So we sought for a way to link a live part with a visual component to our electroacoustic music

Our point of departure was the washing machine: sounds and images spinning and thumbling over each other. From remains of some old washing machines we collected the materials for the installation part. Next to being excellent acoustical amplifiers, the bins of the washing machines proved to form a nice visual element. They are suspended in a darkened space, only lit with high brightness leds inside. On this bins we mounted several sounding objects, like strings, springs and an iron wheel, which are played live by bowing, plucking or striking them. One bin is equipped with small BASIC stamp controlled electromotors that make string resonate.

Another visual source are two projections. On a big screen in the back of the room a video is projected that consists of mainly abstrahated shots of colours and light, following the associative logic of purely visual impulses and dreams. The images form a visual composition closely connected to the way the sound part is conceived. On a smaller screen, aesthesised close-ups of the washing machine bins are projected.

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