Picture by Peter Van Lancker

.time.tIme out.drop 6Fu1110100.     0 to 1
- bre61th - drop d6561d.realIty     are all in processing
Is virtualI1110100y.age__origIn     shadow is in reality
_____orIgin of l49ght. -> tIme.     communication and
reality Is light -digIta1101100                      information
connect – analog.identIt1111001         the virtual sounds/games
is real < is virtual 5C Ident.p     switching the reality
1100001ss.next.I&74I1101101452E     keeping the secret is a message?

Nan-ping Chang: action performance, voice, gu-zhen, drums, video
Kristof Lauwers: sound design, fujara
yvan vander sanden: computer sound & graphics

A coproduction by the Logos Foundation en Croxhapox

-> Photo series of our first performance at june 4th 2010 at  Croxhapox by Marc Coene

-> Video compilation by Svend Thompson: