Premiere at Transit Festival

My new piece for Bajan, titled “Beasleyi” will be premiered by Ludo Mariën at the Transit Festival.
The concert takes place at Stuk in Leuven on sunday october 23rd at 2pm. On the program are also premieres of pieces by Aliona Yurtsevich, Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf, Enno Poppe and Martijn Padding, performed by Ernst Surberg (virtual hammond organ) and Luka Juhart (accordeon).
More information on the Transit site.

The piece will also be played at November music festival in ’s-Hertogenbosch on sunday november 13th, at 2pm and 4pm.
More information on the November Music site.


On april 15th i’m playing together with Lazara Rosell Albear as part of the Outloud! festival:

Unsurrounded II

for 2 humans and 3 robots: Lazara Rosell Albear and Kristof Lauwers with <Snar>, <Toypi> and <Ob>

Lazara and Robots

“Unsurrounded is a series of solo performances exploring crossmediality, interactivity and media input. Lazara Rosell Albear jams with three interactive musical robots using her voice, movements and drum kit. Kristof Lauwers has developed a special interface and programming to convert Lazara’s input into robot sounds.”

International Email Audio Art Project Volume 9 (March 9, 2011)

Another short piece of mine was included in volume 9 of the International Email Audio Art Project: Hoest (dutch for ‘Cough’)

This volume is featuring tracks from these 60 artists:

Charles Rice Goff III & Lord Litter (USA/Germany), Carlos Ramirez & Anton
Mobin (USA/France), Negeria (Germany), Tree (USA), Laura Romero (Spain),
François-Emmanuel Fodéré (France), Hyaena Fierling Reich (Portugal), Anton
Mobin & Otto von Rhinau (France), Marcel Gherman alias Megatone (Moldova),
Jared C. Balogh (USA), Somnaphon (USA), Combat 23 (Czech Republic),
Satisfacción Lab (Spain), Nows (USA), Koobaatoo Asparagus and Tree (USA),
Darius Greene & Jaan Patterson (USA/Germany), Jochen Arbeit/Vania
Rovisco/Jaan Patterson (Germany/Portugal), Fernando Bocadillos (Argentina),
Promute / Jurica Jelic (USA/Croatia), Alex U. Ischenkau Avant-Garde Music
Band (Ukraine), Keahota hota / Hal McGee (USA), Jeremy Gluck and Slave
Labour (UK/Canada), Yoshihiro Kikuchi & Jaan Patterson (Japan/Germany),
A.A.Kibanov (Russia), Anton Mobin & Kx-second lost puppy revolte
(France/Germany), Soliton / Tree (UK/USA), Seiei Jack (Japan), Jared C.
Balogh and Sinus Buds (USA), Cranial Drill (USA), Syringes’ Feast
(France/Germany/Italy), Triangle & Rhino (USA), Wüst (Germany), Adrian
Beentjes (USA/UK), Anton Mobin & Carlos Ramirez (France/USA), Kris Gruda /
Tree (USA), Petar Alargic (Serbia), Mirework (USA), Staplerfahrer, Promute
(Netherlands/USA), YMMV (USA/UK), Dongle Doc (France), The Fungus Moth (UK),
Julien Verneuil (France), Travis Johnson & Kris Gruda (USA), Thanato Twist
With Oleg’s Sound System (France), John Wiggins (USA), Anton Mobin & Ayato
(France), undRess Béton & Lezet (Germany/Serbia), Shun The Atavist (USA),
Mirework/Tree (USA), Sean Cotterill (UK), Adam Baker (UK), Stupid Opium and
resonan (USA/The Netherlands), Cagey House (USA), Feathered Hair (USA),
Elemental Noise (France), Kristof Lauwers (Belgium), M.Nomized (France),
Samantha González Sintes (Spain), Isabel Aparicio Garcia (Spain), Eneko Abad
Ruiz (Spain).

For complete information on the project, including links to the first eight