Out now: LPD019: Lonely robots

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On this seventh CD by the Logos M&M ensemble, a collection of newly built machines are presented individually. Where other CD releases give ample examples of what can be done when the robots come together to form an orchestra, this CD demonstrates the capacities of the new robots playing solo or as duos.

The Cd inlcudes pieces by Sebastian Bradt, Moniek Darge, Godfried-Willem Raes, Troy Rogers and Kristof Lauwers.


Picture by Peter Van Lancker

.time.tIme out.drop 6Fu1110100.     0 to 1
- bre61th - drop d6561d.realIty     are all in processing
Is virtualI1110100y.age__origIn     shadow is in reality
_____orIgin of l49ght. -> tIme.     communication and
reality Is light -digIta1101100                      information
connect – analog.identIt1111001         the virtual sounds/games
is real < is virtual 5C Ident.p     switching the reality
1100001ss.next.I&74I1101101452E     keeping the secret is a message?

Nan-ping Chang: action performance, voice, gu-zhen, drums, video
Kristof Lauwers: sound design, fujara
yvan vander sanden: computer sound & graphics

A coproduction by the Logos Foundation en Croxhapox

-> Photo series of our first performance at june 4th 2010 at  Croxhapox by Marc Coene

-> Video compilation by Svend Thompson: