Logos & tout petit & Spiral Consort – STUK familievoorstelling

Onderdeel van Anderhalvemetersessies (weekend 2)

Music with conches, a robot orchestra and two spinning dancers: STUK presents a family spectacle with three small performances for children and adults alike. The quartet Spiral Consort brings playful compositions with real natural shells, inspired by jazz, brassband, classical and baroque music. Dance company tout petit takes you on a virtuoso game of turning patterns, propelled by a pulsating soundscape. The one and only Logos Robotorkest rounds off the afternoon with short compositions for automatic musical instruments.
Het volledige programma duurt ongeveer 45 minuten.
The full programme takes about 45 minutes.

Logos Robotorkest – Kristof Lauwers, Study #8, for <Psch> (3’30”)
Tout Petit – DRAAI (15’)
Logos Robotorkest – Godfried-Willem Raes, Block Temple (3′)
Spiral Consort (15’)
Logos Robotorkest – Kristof Lauwers, Study #18 voor klein robot kwartet (6′)


50 years of Logos

The LP/book ’50 years of Logos’ was published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Stichting Logos. The book contains contributions by authors who reflect on their experiences with Logos. The LP contains recordings of various artists who are or have been active within Logos.

Authors: Jean Paul Van Bendegem, Warren Burt, Moniek Darge, Laura Maes, Dirk Moelants, Douglas Quin, Jacques Rémus

Composers on the LP: Attr-X, Kris De Baerdemacker, Moniek Darge, Kristof Lauwers, Logos Duo, Logos Ensemble, Logos Women, Laura Maes, Godfried-Willem Raes, Xavier Verhelst

More information and ordering details: https://logosfoundation.org/50jaarlogos/index-Eng.html

Autumn Waves

On Saturday October 26th i’m presenting two new pieces on Autumn Waves, een weekend van elektro-akoestische concerten te Project(ion) Room in Brussel, organized by FeBeME-BeFEM (the Belgian Federation of Electroacoustic Music)

more info and program here

Two new pieces at Bem (Brussels electronic marathon), October 12th 2018

I will be presenting two new electroacoustic pieces at FeBeME-BeFEM / Projected Sounds, part of the Brussels electronic marathon.
The concert will take place at October 12th at 7:30pm at Projection Room, 55, Rue de Praetere, 1180 Uccle.

Projected Sound

A piece for an environment

‘A piece for an environment’, is a performance that incorporates the environmental sounds of the place where it is performed. Six microphones are spread over the place and pick up the sounds of traffic, passers-by, nature or industrial activities. Those sounds are electronically processed (in Pure Data), and the processed sounds are distributed over six speakers placed around the audience. The musicians move around in the space while playing, and also their sounds are processed in different ways, dependent on the place where they are playing.

A recording of the premiere at DOK, Ghent, Belgium, July 3rd 2018 with Kristof Lauwers, Hans Roels, Stefaan Smagghe and Thomas Van den Eynde:

Some pictures by Rafaël De Bruyne:
A piece for an environment - pictures by Rafael de Bruyne


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